About me


My name is Andy. I´m a fossil collector from the north of Germany writing a blog while writing a book about my favourite fossils – ammonites,
more specifically, the liassic ammonites of the Yorkshire, UK, coast. The blog will not be the book, it is a kind of diary, capturing all the things that occur doing the making of the book,
be it finding ammonites, preparing them, photographing them, literature research, desktop publishing, publishing etc etc etc.
The blog is also a communication tool to reach out to fellow collectors, who may have found better specimen than I have in my collection and persuade them
to allow me to borrow and photograph them. I´m of course also hoping for comments helping in the research of some of the ammonites.
You can reach me by email at andysfossils[at]posteo.de

I should add that none of the fossils shown here are for sale.
All photographs are copyright by me, unless noted otherwise – unauthorized use is prohibited.


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