Happy 1st birthday or I listen to what you search for

Aegoceras (Androgynoceras) maculatum, 7 cm

Aegoceras (Androgynoceras) maculatum, 7 cm

(Disclaimer : No ammonite has been permanently damaged in the process of making this picture)


It does not seem like it, but it´s to the day one year and 44 (including the first) blog posts since I´ve started it…

so Happy 1st Birthday, Blog ! 

The folks from WordPress do provide some nice statistics, and I must admit I do look at it frequently to see who´s looking for what…
There have been over 15000 views from visitors coming from 65 countries – that´s still some way from world domination 🙂 ,
but I continue to be amazed by the reach of this tool called the internet…


Countries with more than 10 visits

Countries with more than 10 visits


There is some statistics at what people look at when they´ve reached my blog, unsurprisingly the home page is at the top, being the main landing page.
Almost 600 people (or some repeatedly…) wanted to know a little bit about me, but clearly the most visited ammonite post by far is the one about
the Arnioceras species – it is a very popular ammonite, being sold often on auction websites, and I hope I could provide some help in identifying them.


Top visited pages of the blog

Top visited pages of the blog

Of course it does also interest me what people look for when they reach my blog through the use of search engines.
The top 20 list tells me that some people use search engines as a bookmark replacement (it´s andysfossils.com, guys ;-)), but also
that Holderness ammonites and again Arnioceras are very popular topics. Some Amaltheus species, Amauroceras, Gagaticeras also feature highly
and I think I´ve covered these well; Psiloceras, Aegoceras, Pleuroceras are still to be done and I know you´re waiting for those probably just as
much as for the second part of the Dactylioceras post (allthough there most probably will be an intermediate step before I cover the upper liassic Dactylioceratidae).
Somewhat unintentionally (but in hindsight not unwelcome), the wants lists do create some kind of an attraction point for the blog since they provide a search engine
target for all the rare ammonites that I still would like to photograph.


Top searches in search engines that led to my blog

Top searches in search engines that led to my blog


Some people have asked for the estimated completion of the book, I´m hoping to complete it in 2014, coinciding with the 25th anniversary of our first visit
to Robin Hoods Bay. It´s still some way to go, I´m currently working on getting my layout template finished in Adobe Indesign, so that I can truly begin writing pages of the book.



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  1. Dave

     /  May 18, 2013

    Well done Andy what a great achievement roll on your 21st

  2. Happy Birthday Andy keep up the good work looking forward to the book

  3. Happy Birthday,
    Its your ‘about me page’ I have bookmarked 😉

  4. Joe

     /  May 19, 2013

    Congratulations Andy, one year later, and I’m even more hooked on the ammonites…Thanks for all your informative, helpful and interesting posts.

    Kind regards,


    P.s: I sent you a reply regarding my pathological Dac, I don’t know whether it got through to you? I sent it a just over a month ago.

  5. Steve

     /  May 30, 2013

    Andy….. Congratulations….Some excellent material to peruse…. Who would of thought Arnioceras were the most popular researched ammonite….


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