Did you miss me ?

Long time, no blog post. Did you miss me ?

I´m currently working very hard. Sadly, not on the book, not on the blog, but in my bread-winning job, which is making me work a lot of hours these days,
on a very tight timeline, which has nothing to do with fossils. So I´m not really having much spare time at the moment, and if I do I need it to recover, reload my batteries so to speak. That´s also why I had to skip our traditional spring time holiday on the Yorkshire coast, which is quite annoying, but unavoidable.
So no fresh fossils at the moment…

But there is light at the end of the tunnel (or is it the oncoming train ?), and I´m slowly beginning to reclaim some of the things I love doing outside of my daily job.

This is probably the first fossil I laid hands on to do a little bit of prep work in 3-4 months, and I still have a pile of stuff to do from last year´s summer holiday…

Cleviceras exaratum, 6 cm

Cleviceras exaratum, 6 cm

It is a 6 cm Cleviceras exaratum, found at Hawsker almost exactly 5 years ago to the date. It was already mostly prepped before, but I decided to do some finishing by grinding the aperture to prepare it for the next “real” blog post which will start to cover some of the Harpoceratinae, i.e. Tiltoniceras, Eleganticeras, Cleviceras.

More soon…



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