“Wants list” lower lias

The next three posts will be quite dull – no pictures, just lists of ammonites I´m looking for to photograph for the book.

Let me re-iterate the conditions :

  • Found on the Yorkshire coast  – or –
  • Found on the Redcar & Cleveland coast (Redcar, Marske,…)  – or –
  • Found in the quarries around Scunthorpe

The first post is the lower lias one.

Bear with me if the list is not completely perfect – I´m still sorting through it to weed out the ones that are synonyms, have only ever been found or pictured once, etc.
If you have any information to that effect, please also let me know !

What do you do if you think you have one of the ammonites on the list ?

Simple : Post a comment in the specific post (you have to leave your e-mail address but noone else but me can see it) and I will contact you !

So here comes  :

Aegasteroceras crassum SPATH, 1925
Agassiceras decipiens (Spath, 1923)
Angulaticeras densilobatum (POMPECKJ)
Apodoceras sinuatum (Simpson)
Bifericeras donovani DOMMERGUES & MEISTER, 1992
Caloceras belcheri (SIMPSON, 1843)
Caloceras convolutum (SIMPSON,  1855)
Caloceras wrighti SPATH, 1924
Coeloderoceras panula (Bremer)
Coeloderoceras sociale (Simpson)
Coroniceras (Arietites) alcinoe (REYNÈS, 1879)
Coroniceras (Arietites) cf. planaries (REYNÈS, 1879)
Coroniceras (Arietites) obesulus (BLAKE, 1876)
Coroniceras (Arietites) radiatus (SIMPSON, 1843)
Coroniceras (Primarietites) schloenbachi (Reynes)
Coroniceras (Primarietites) vercingetorix (Reynes)
Crucilobiceras obsoletum (BLAKE)
Cymbites laevigatus (SOWERBY, 1827)
Echioceras aureolum (Simpson 1855)
Echioceras cereum (Simpson 1855)
Echioceras exoratum (Simpson 1855)
Echioceras intermedium (Trueman & Williams, 1925)
Echioceras raricostoides (VADASZ, 1908)
Eoderoceras anguiforme (Simpson)
Eoderoceras armatum (SOWERBY, 1815)
Eoderoceras hastatum (YOUNG & BIRD, 1828)
Eparietites bairstowi HOWARTH 2002
Epophioceras landrioti (D`ORBIGNY, 1849)
Gemmellaroceras peregrinum (Haug)
Gemmellaroceras rutilans (SIMPSON, 1843)
Gemmellaroceras tubellum (SIMPSON, 1855)
Gleviceras doris (Reynès, 1879)
Hyperderoceras mamilllatum (Simpson)
Hyperderoceras nativum (Simpson)
Hyperderoceras retusum (SIMPSON, 1855)
Hyperderoceras validum (SIMPSON 1855)
Liparoceras (L.) naptonense SPATH, 1938
Macrogammites antiquatum (SIMPSON, 1855)
Microderoceras scoresbyi (SIMPSON,1843)
Paltechioceras regustatum BUCKMAN, 1914
Paracymbites dennyi (SIMPSON, 1843)
Paraoxynoticeras salisburgense (HAUER, 1856)
Parinodiceras parinodum (Quenstedt, 1884)
Phricodoceras nodosum (QUENSTEDT, 1846)
Platypleuroceras aureum (SIMPSON, 1855)
Platypleuroceras brevispina (SOWERBY, 1827)
Platypleuroceras obsoleta (SIMPSON, 1843)
Platypleuroceras ripleyi (Simpson 1843)
Polymorphites bronni (ROEMER, 1836)
Polymorphites caprarius (QUENSTEDT, 1856)
Promicroceras capricornoides (Quenstedt, 1883)
Psiloceras sampsoni (PORTLOCK, 1843)
Psilocras (Caloceras) bloomfieldense (Donovan)
Radstockiceras sphenonotum(MONKE, 1888)
Saxoceras aequale (SIMPSON, 1855)
Tragophylloceras ibex (QUENSTEDT, 1843)
Tragophylloceras loscombi (SOWERBY, 1817)
Tropidoceras futtereri (Spath 1923)
Tropidoceras masseanum ((d’Orbigny) var. rotundum ((Futterer, 1893)
Uptonia jamesoni (SOWERBY, 1827)
Uptonia lata (QUENSTEDT, 1845)
Uptonia obsoleta (Simpson 1843)
Vermiceras multanfractum (SIMPSON, 1855)


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  1. Steve

     /  July 11, 2012

    Andy… I have a nice little Caloceras piece…What type who knows… You may have already seen it…

  2. i have a microderoceras from the holderness coast in my own collection. I thought you might have seen that one? cheers byron.

  3. Tracey

     /  July 20, 2012

    I may have a few of these, but my identification is lacking your knowledge.

  4. obtained a few more. polymorphites bronni, might have a cymbsites. and i have a 3 d complete uptonia jamesoni. sent you message throu forum 🙂

  5. shaun tymon

     /  December 2, 2012

    Andy, i have a good. Radstockiceras, hope this helps.

  6. SImon Guscott

     /  June 22, 2013

    Andy, I may have a Eoderoceras of interest, albeit, identification is not my speciality. Drop me a line…. Thanks, Simon

  7. Nathan

     /  January 28, 2014

    Hello Andy,
    I’ve just stumbled on your blog; I curate a large private collection. We have a few of these, including Uptonia jamesoni, a couple of various Liparioceras and Echioceras (and likely others just not on the database). Most of very high provenance. Happy to send high-res photos (when time allows!). Do drop me an email. Best, Nathan.

    • Nathan

       /  January 28, 2014

      And some from your Upper Lias wish list I’ve just seen, including a couple of plaster casts if they’re of interest?

  8. mark hawkes

     /  July 1, 2014

    i have some apodos / eodos never quite sure which is which
    they are from scunthorpe
    if you can email me i will send you some pics
    thanks mark
    at stone treasures

  9. Daniel

     /  March 16, 2016

    Hi. I think I may have a Cymbites from the holderness coast. Also in the same block there are 3 other ammonites, which look like Arnioceras but don’t seem to quite match any of the species. If your interested in having a look you can see pictures on the Discuss fossils website.



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