“Wants list” middle lias

The “Wants list” of the middle lias is relatively short (that may have to do something with the fact that I´m collecting in these beds quite often) :

Amaltheus (Amaltheus) reticularis (SIMPSON, 1843)
Amaltheus (Pseudoamaltheus) engelhardti (D`ORBIGNY, 1844)
Canavaria cultraroni (Fucini 1931)
Pleuroceras birdi (SIMPSON, 1843)
Pleuroceras hawskerense (YOUNG & BIRD, 1828) transient elaboratum (SIMPSON,1884)
Pleuroceras spinatum (BRUGUIÈRE, 1789)
Protogrammoceras (Protogrammoceras) turgidulum (Funcini 1904)
Pseudogrammoceras latecens (Simpson)

Some of these are real rarities, some may not even occur in Yorkshire, but please surprise me !

What do you do if you think you have one of the ammonites on the list ?

Simple : Post a comment in the specific post (you have to leave your e-mail address but noone else but me can see it) and I will contact you !



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