“Wants list” upper lias

The upper lias is  for many collectors a firm favourite.  There is a bit of a problem with some of the ammonites on the “wants list”, especially the Dactylioceras genus : Many of those have been described by the great Sydney Savoury Buckman, in his “Yorkshire Type Ammonites” – but not many times afterwards.  So some of these may not be “real” species…

What do you do if you think you have one of the ammonites on the list ?

Simple : Post a comment in the specific post (you have to leave your e-mail address but noone else but me can see it) and I will contact you !

So here´s the upper lias list : Some of these are real rarities, some may not even occur in Yorkshire, but please surprise me !


Brodieia pingue (Simpson)
Catacoeloceras dumortieri (Maubeuge)
Catacoeloceras foveatum (Simpson)
Collina mucronata (d’Orbigny)
Dactylioceras annuliferum (SIMPSON, 1855)
Dactylioceras attenuatum  (SIMPSON, 1855)
Dactylioceras consimile (Buckman)
Dactylioceras crassescens (Simpson)
Dactylioceras delectum (Simpson 1855)
Dactylioceras praepositum (Buckman)
Dactylioceras temperatum (Buckman)
Dactylioceras vermis (Simpson)
Dumortieria levesquei (D`ORBIGNY, 1845)
Harpoceras serpentinum (SCHLOTHEIM, 1813)
Harpoceras subplanatum (OPPEL, 1856)
Haugia beani (Simpson)
Haugia jugosa (Quenstedt)
Haugia obliquata (Young and Bird)
Hildaites forte (BUCKMAN, 1921)
Hildaites murleyi (MOXON, 1841)
Hildaites subserpentinus BUCKMAN, 1921
Hildoceras semipolitum BUCKMAN, 1902
Meneghiniceras lariense
Nodicoeloceras dayi (Reynes)
Nodicoeloceras fonticulus (Simpson 1855)
Nodicoeloceras incrassatum (Simpson)
Pachylytoceras crenatum (Buckman)
Pachylytoceras gubernator (Simpson)
Phylseogrammoceras dispansum (LYCETT, 1860)
Phymatoceras fabale (Simpson)
Phymatoceras rude (SIMPSON, 1843) – found on eBay, see post “Rare and re-bedded” !
Porpoceras vorticellum (Simpson)
Protogrammoceras (Protogrammoceras) paltum (BUCKMAN, 1922)
Trachylytoceras (syn. Lytoceras) fasciatum (Simpson)
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